Andy Anderegg is a fiction writer and editorial consultant. She was born in Texas, got her MFA at the University of Kansas, and lives in Los Angeles. She is a writing partner at 826LA and at the Pen-City Writers creative writing program at the Connally Unit, a maximum-security prison in southern Texas.


PLOT LINES reviewed by John Murphy, Curatorial Fellow at the University of San Diego’s University Galleries. “PLOT LINES, featuring three LA-based writers and artists, fulfills that mandate by offering a fresh and slyly subversive take on the age-old antagonism between art and craft. Seisler redirects stale criticisms of craft as domestic, feminine, and bound by tradition by both embracing and unsettling those expectations.” • Two short stories in PLOT LINES at Nicole Siesler’s A-B Projects. Super excited to have my stories alongside work from Christine Han and Jackie Rines At the Bendix Building in DTLA Dec 9 – Jan 20 • New Pen-City stories published in VICE! This time it’s all memoir. Four pieces from Carlos, Jason, Jose, and AJ — students in the first-ever two-year college-level Creative Writing Certificate Program for men incarcerated at the Connally Unit Prison in Texas — on Christmas in prison, annoying people, chitchat, and nearly being killed. • VICE: Heartbreaking True Stories from Inside Texas Prisons “These are among the first of many stories to come from Connally’s Pen-City Writers, stories we wrote on hot Texas nights, under a moon we see only through cage wire.” Fiction from Kevin, Jason, and Jose.


The Wall Street Journal: Good News Liberal-Arts Majors: Your Peers Probably Won’t Outearn You Forever I bring tidings of hope in The WSJ. My dad (an engineer) bought 15 copies. I hope he is less stressed by my life choices! • You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Power of a “Useless” Liberal Arts Education The book spun from the WSJ article by George Anders on not giving up on what you actually want to do, and instead doing it very well. The Washington Post: Yes, your kid will do something with that philosophy degree after all More hope for people who like hope! • The New York Times: Groupon’s Fate Hinges on Words Coupons are just coupons until they are art. • The Outline: When Groupon Ruled Chicago “For a little while, at least, it was a really special place to be.”



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